Philip Armstrong

"Educational leader, classical music composer, writer of literary fiction and analytic philosophy"

Welcome to the web site of Philip Armstrong. Some pages are still in development, but here you can find information about his work in education, music, writing, and other activities.

Philip Armstrong has worked as an educator and an educational leader for more than two decades, including periods at Yokohama International School in Japan, Munich International School in Germany, Zurich International School in Switzerland, Hiroshima International School in Japan, Vienna International School in Austria, the International School of Ulm/Neu Ulm in Germany, and Tianjin Rego International School in China. He holds a Post Graduate Certificate of Education from the University of Exeter and a Master of Arts degree in educational leadership from the University of Bath. In addition to leadership he has also taught most subjects to students in grades 1-8 and music and ToK at IB level.

Philip Armstrong was the Director at Thuringia International School in Weimar, Germany between 2013-2023. The school is accredited by the Council of International Schools and serves the globally-mobile and internationally-minded community in the local region, offering the programs of the International Baccalaureate Organisation.


Philip Armstrong is a writer of literary fiction. He has written 20 novels, most of which are linked to his music compositions. His novel ‘Iphigenia's Necessitarian Cage’ is currently available from Amazon. Please use the Fiction button on the main menu for further information.


Philip Armstrong is a teacher of Theory of Knowledge and a writer of analytic philosophy. His most recent work ‘The Liszt Paradox’ is now available at this site. Please use the Academics button on the main menu for further information.