Philip Armstrong


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Webern Orchestral Pieces Op 10. ...available soon. (October 2020, pdf)

Of Ligeti, Clocks and Clouds, and Metaphor. ...available soon. (February 2020, pdf)

The Liszt Paradox The article examines how the composer Franz Liszt, at the peak of his powers as a composer, became aware of a contradiction between his values pertaining to music and those pertaining to religion, and the effect this had on his music composing after 1857. (July 2019, pdf)

A Model-Theoretic Analysis of the Characteristics that Differentiate Pluralism from Populism in a Democratic Context. The article examines the role of an international school in modern society in the context of a comparative analysis of the deontic logic of tolerance and respect which is associated with Social Pluralism and the deontic logic of disaffection and resentment which is associated with Populism. (March 2019, pdf)