Philip Armstrong

Iphigenia in Weimar

an opera in 4 acts


Iphigenia, who was sacrificed to the gods to solicit support in the battle against Troy, reappears in ghostly form before her surviving brother, Orestes. He has come to Weimar in search of its Hellenic heart, which might free him of the fearsome Furies who pursue him. He is astonished and overjoyed to discover his long-lost sister here, and thrilled she can lead him, with the support of Athena, to penance for his shame. He must confront the face of the unknowable Other.

Midi Recording:

Act 1: At the Ilm Park (mp3)

Act 2: At the Weimar Castle (mp3)

Act 3: Before the Roman House (mp3)

Act 4: Inside the Weimar Castle (mp3)