Philip Armstrong

Piano music


Philip Armstrong has written several pieces for piano, which can be viewed by using the links below. In the short video below, Philip Armstrong plays a section from 'Bagua'.

List of works:

Hindsight from the Ilm, for piano solo and pre-recorded media - video & sound (2022 - 8 mins): download the score (pdf)

View and listen to (or download) the pre-recorded media (mp4).

Bagua; The Eight Trigrams, for piano solo (2013 - 15 mins): download the score (pdf)

Tractatus, for piano solo (2008 - 11 mins): download the score (pdf)

Dartington Oak, for piano and pre-recorded sounds (1990 - 14 mins): listen to Stephan Gutman play this piece. (mp3)

Yaddim II, for piano & pre-recorded sounds (1982 - 10 mins): download the score (pdf),

Listen to Victor Savant play this piece on the album Matsuri (mp3)

Listen to Philip Armstrong play this piece (mp3).

Listen to (or download) the precorded soundtrack (mp3).