Philip Armstrong

Symphony 3: Hermeneutic Renewal


Philip Armstrong writes, "My Third Symphony comprises a series of encounters with the work of previous historical eras. Each of these hermeneutical encounters - and the dialogue that ensues - seeks to disclose essential elements of the historical work, which might in turn inform subsequent interpretations of that work. Furthermore the dialogue seeks to examine the traits and values of my own music. The last movement is an encounter with - and a quest for a renewed personal understanding of - my own work of the past."

Midi recordings:

1. Of Socratic Virtue & Euripides' Orestes (mp3)

2. Of Augustine Soteriology & Hildegard’s Harmony of All Heaven & Luther’s Love and Grace (mp3)

3. Of Leibniz’s Rationalism & Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier (mp3)

4. Of Hegel’s Dialectics & Beethoven’s Piano Sonata, Op 111 (mp3)

5. Of Schopenhauerian Will & Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde (mp3)

6. Of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus & Schoenberg’s Variations (mp3)

7. Of Lévi-Strauss's Structuralism & Lutosławski's Second Symphony (mp3)

8. Of Lewis’ Trans-World Identity & Stockhausen’s Sirius (mp3)

9. Of Berdyaev’s Existentialism & Gubaidulina’s Offertorium (mp3)

10. Of Levinas’ Phenomenology & Millennial Self-Consciousness (mp3)